Useful Information

Q - What is a template?

A - A template is an exact replica of your required granite worktops. Taking precise measurements of the kitchen units and cut outs for hobs and sinks, all the shaping and overhang required. This is then used by us to manufacture the granite work tops ensuring accurate cutting of the granite for a perfect work surface installation.


Q - Can you supply granite worktops in shapes such as U and L configurations?

A - Yes we can, we can supply worktops in most shapes depending on the confines of the sheet size, each sheet varies in size depending on which block it is cut from. Our sheets sizes range up to 3.2m.


Q - How quickly can I expect my granite worktop?

A - We aim to fit our worktops within 7-14 working days, depending on templating which can vary depending on the schedule at the time.


Q - What is the longest length of granite you do?

A - We can depending on slab availability do lengths up to 3m without cut outs, with cut out the length will depend on material and amount of cut out required.


Q - I’m just replacing my existing work top, do I have to remove these before templating?

A - In most cases we can template directly on top of the existing worktops, in some circumstances they may have to be removed before we can template. Please note when we return to install the new granite worktops the existing worktops need to be removed.


Q - Do you send out samples?

A - Yes we do, samples can either be viewed at our showroom where we have large pieces on display or we can send them direct to you home address upon request, you can also arrange to visit the factory site to view our slabs if you need a larger example before deciding.


Q - What do I need to do before the template/installer arrives?

A - See our advice to consider when fitting your kitchen.


Q - Will my existing/new units need strengthening?

A - New units should be adequate providing they are constructed to manufacturer’s instructions, they may still require some extra batons as with older cabinets, however our representative will be happy to advise you on the day they visit to template.


Q - What is so good about granite worktops?

A - It’s a natural product, granite is extremely hard wearing and looks stunning!


Q - Why do granite prices range so much?

A - There are a few factors which can affect the price of the stone, the country of origin its economy, location (shipping/transport factors etc..) how rare the stone is, obviously the rarer the more expensive, and the production costs if the granite is extremely hard this ups the manufacturing costs because of extra wear and tear on the tooling.


Q - How accurate is your online quotation?

A - The quotation system is a very accurate guide, this will only change if any details have been omitted/amended or when we visit to template the measurements vary slightly from those originally entered.


Q - How will the worktop be joined?

A - We try to minimize the joints and put them in practical places, the joints have a small gap (2-3mm) which is then flushed filled with a resin to make a waterproof seal. The joins will be visible but will be done in such a way they are unobtrusive.


Q - Is there a minimum amount of granite that needs to be left around cut outs?

A - Yes, but it depends on how much the cut out is, and how much material is left either side. We put small metal strips into the underside of the work top to support thin strips. This not only helps with transporting the worktop but also for continued support once in place.


Q - Can I be sent a brochure?

A - Yes we do have a brochure with some information about our company and what we do, you can either request it to be sent by post via email or telephone (see contact us)


Q - Do you have a showroom?

A - Yes we do, it’s located at Unit 1, Croft Works, Diplocks Industrial Estate, Hailsham, BN27 3JF - please come and visit us we are open 7 days a week (see our interactive map for directions)


Q - Can I fit the granite myself?

A - We can supply the granite for you to fit yourself (or have your builder do it) but we would recommend having an experienced company like ourselves to fit it, as it can be a costly procedure if things were to go wrong.


Q - Are your prices competitive?

A - Yes, we pride ourselves on making granite affordable to everyone. We import directly from overseas and process the granite ourselves at our factory site to ensure we can make our prices rival other local suppliers. We aim to be competitive but still maintain a high level of service.


Q - Can I template the worktop myself?

A - We would happily supply a worktop from a customer’s template however, we would not offer a fitting service unless we made the template ourselves.


Q - How is the granite fixed to the units underneath?

A - Because of the weight of this product it is normally difficult to move once in position, however a small amount of adhesive is generally used as a precaution.


Q - Can I use under floor heating with your tiles?

A - Yes, we have a range available to see in the showroom, we are distributors for Ebeco and can offer advice on which type is suitable for you and even arrange a fitting service.


Q - Should I seal my natural stone worktops and tiles?

A - Yes, we would recommend using a sealant to prevent any slight discolouration and to ease cleaning, we have several product ranges from cleaning to stain removal to sealing available in store.


Q - Do natural stone products vary in colour/pattern?

A - Yes some do while others remain fairly consistent, our display in our showroom has large pieces of granite on display so you can see some of the variation, this is why we would also recommend personally selecting your slab, you can also discuss with the manufacturing staff parts of the slab you particularly like/dislike ensuring you receive the best possible choice for your worktop.


Q - Can I put hot pans directly on the granite work surface?

A - Yes, granite can withstand huge amounts of heat, it is possible the heat from the pan may evaporate some of the moisture within the stone causing it to change colour slightly however this will return to its original state once the moisture returns.


Q - Can I scratch/chip my granite surface?

A - Granite is a very hard material and is difficult to scratch with a knife, diamond can scratch granite and also quartz has also been known to scratch some varieties. If you drop something heavy on a corner or edge there is a small possibility this could cause a chip or small crack. This however can normally be repaired with a small amount of resin.


Q - Will my granite/natural stone tiles stain?

A - Stone is a naturally porous material so we would recommend you to seal your stone to prevent any possibility of staining.


Q - How should I clean my natural stone product?

A - We would recommend warm water with a small amount of washing up liquid, you can also use a bottled professional cleanser occasionally.


Q - How many tiles per M²

A - 30cm x 30cm = 9-10 per M² / 40cm x 40cm = 6 per M² / 60cm x 60cm = 2.7 per M²


Q - Can I buy the adhesive and grout from you?

A - Yes we can supply everything you need to complete the job.


Q - What about lime scale?

A - Dark granites tend to show up more lime scale than lighter ones, this can easily be removed with a weak acid solution (remember to rinse this well!) or by hand using very fine wire wool.


Q - Are your natural stone tiles suitable just for indoor use?

A - We have a range of tiles of which some are suitable for outside use as well, please ask in store should you specifically require an outdoor tile.

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